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About Us

Simplifying investments for everyone

We at Actifs Haven, specialize in managing investments in this ever-changing dynamic world. Our strengths are Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Investment Advisory.

Committing returns is no longer a gamble. It is an art, and we are experts in making right fund allocations, de-risking strategies, ensuring that your money, not just safe, but also providing you multiple returns over time.

"A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned
How to make money when they're not working"
-   Robert Kiyosaki

Why Alternative Investments?

Traditional investments provide only low returns
Investors lack time to research in alternative investments
  • Many of us mostly go with traditional investment methods which is what is usually familiar
  • All (if not, most of these) do provide only a lower ROI (Return-on-Investment) hovering from 5% – 12% p.a. like FD, Mutual Funds, etc.
  • In this fast-paced world people are time poor to explore options, invest, track and manage.
  • Smart savers look for a secondary income from their investment - not just wealth creation.


  • Alternative Investments is fast emerging as the solution that can provide assured returns on investments (ROI) with a low fee structure
  • Professionals manage investments through balancing portfolios and advisory support
  • Experience and expertise managing alternative financial investments providing significant returns, consistently
  • Making it simple and easy to understand for everyone to invest in alternative financial investments
  • Providing healthy returns for investors that are risk-mitigated ensuring safety of their investments


Providing investors with maximum ROI (Return on Investment)
Trustworthy investments in this new world

Accessible to Everyone

Alternative financial investments now a click away, as everyone can invest.

Investment starts from INR. 5 Lakhs (US$ 6,500)

Investment & Trading

Building the right portfolio across stock, commodities, debt funds, ETF, etc.,

Safeguarding investments through hedging strategies

Accessible to Everyone

Designed to protect investment portfolios from market uncertainty, while generating positive returns in both up and down markets.

How We Do?

By Balancing Portfolios & Tranding,
with our Experience & Expertise
  • Simple! We offer a Fixed 21%* return on investment every year, payable quarterly. (Irrespective of how markets perform)
  • No upfront or hidden fees.
  • We invest one part of your wealth in the 'right portfolios' with our expertise in Portfolio Management Services
  • The other part is leveraged for 'smart trading activities' to generate significant returns
  • Our team of fundamental and technical analyst do back test to deliver consistent results, both in short and long term

Business Model

Your investments will be safe with us!
Our research and investment team is always on top,
making your money work giving you complete peace of mind!

Portfolio Management

One part of investment goes into our highly researched, updated Portfolios ensuring good returns.



Another part of investment goes towards 'smart trading' by our team. These investments are meticulously planned, executed, and tracked to ensure best performance.


Hedging Strategy

Considering market dynamics, where risks are associated, we hedge the funds to ensure that your investment is protected.


3T - Trust, Transparency, Truth

  • TRUST:
    With our knowledge and experience over the last 5+ years in multiplying the investments consistently, we manage risks through hedging and do thorough and in-depth analysis before investing
    We update our company's performance on a monthly basis so that every investor can track our company's performance ensuring transparency
  • TRUTH:
    We provide guaranteed returns of 21%* per annum on the invested amount and assure safety of investors capital

Market Opportunity

Until now, only very high net worth individuals used to invest in this 'alternative investment models'.
Our aspiration is to cater to everyone who can invest a part of their wealth to multiply their investment with minimal risks!

$13 trillion

Alternative investment represents about 12% of global investible market

By 2025, CAIA Association members expect the Industry expected to grow to 18-24% of global investible market by 2025 (Ref. CAIA Association Members)

$54 billion

India's Alternative investment market

Asset Under Management (AUM) in alternative investment in June 2020. Expected to grow bigger in the coming years

Growth Strategy

We aspire to become one of the leading players in this field

Our Mantra

Don't work for money, make it work for you!


Global Markets

We have access to over 132 markets across 30 countries.


Expand through network / referrals

Having started in 2017 expanding through a new entity, plan to offer services to referrals and close network associates and showcase big growth stories.



Where you aspire to multiply your investment with low risk, through a trusted source!
  • A promising Alternative Investment Company
  • Team of Professionals with 5+ years Expertise and Experience
  • Transparent transaction giving upfront commitment and guarantee of investors funds
  • Specialists in right sized commodity allocations, and smart trading experts
  • A business model simple enough for everyone to easily understand
"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep,
You will work until you die"
-   Warren Buffet

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* Investments are subject to market risk, consult your financial advisor before investing